Level 20 Studios


Storms of Kandari: Vol.1 - Rise of the Shadow

This one-shot adventure introduces players and GMs to Kandari for the first time. This is but a short introduction to that content that will be included in the adventure guides. 

Take on the role of the Direbane as they hunt down a troll tribe to rescue one of their leaders. Complete with HD maps, unique NPCs and monsters, customer player and monster tokens. 

Discover the epic fantasy setting of Kandari and her nine expansive and diverse provinces. The multi-module series will see you and your party uncover ancient pirate legends, rediscover advanced weapons from a lost age, brave the land of the savage yet honorable minotaur clans, wrestle power away from the thieves guilds who hold the Golden City in their greedy palms,  assist the deadly ranger troll assassins known as the Direbane or take to the sea and air in one of the dozens of sea destroyers or steampunk airships in defense of the forged lands and their ancient dwarven ruler, King Raehad Daegeroth. 

Storms of Kandari will consist of six multi-session campaigns, an Adventurers Guide, a Navigator's Guide for vehicle combat, and several one-shot adventures where players take control of NPCs to expand their knowledge of the world. 

Included in each module are original monsters, flushed out NPC’s with detailed back stories, HD portraits, scene illustrations, monster artwork and magic items complete with full detail handouts and images. 

Level 20 Studios has dedicated thousands of hours to ensure we bring you the most diverse, immersive and complete fantasy setting possible.  Fantasy, horror, steampunk, political, gorilla warfare, cloak and dagger, sea to sea combat, air to air combat, sea to air combat, sea to land combat, warforged titans and even a clockwork mech-ladon! 

Trust us when we say this campaign module series has something for everyone!

So please friends, grab your pack, step into the world of Dharamon, and explore the continent of Kandari.  Those who call this world home need you!



These tokens will already be included with the purchase of SoK Vol. 1: The Legend of Winslow Gale. Planned to release later this month. 

SoK Vol.1 Token Pack Pre-Release

30 Unique monster tokens to improve your campaign! Featuring custom art and scaled to fit Storms of Kandari Map Packs! Featuring the following overhead tokens ready for combat:

Brawler, Doga Warriors, Pirates, Solders, Spiders, Shaman, Wolfs, Bears, Mammoth Warrior, Dock Worker, Goblins, Thief's, Steampunk Shark and more!