Level 20 Studios

Storms of Kandari


This one-shot adventure introduces players and GMs to Kandari for the first time. 

Take on the role of the Direbane as they hunt down a troll tribe to rescue one of their leaders. 

Complete with HD maps, unique NPCs and monsters, customer player and monster tokens. 

Doga Camp Map Set

Complete Tree Camp Map Set Featuring:

Drag and Drop Tree Huts with removable Roofs!

Drag and Drop Boar Roasting over a Camp Fire!

Drag and Drop Broken Wagon and Animal Crate!

Doga Shaman, Doga Slasher and Doga Warrior Monster Tokens!

Included with the SoK Vol. 1 complete adventure

SoK Vol.1 Token Pack

30 Unique monster tokens to improve your campaign! Featuring custom art and scaled to fit Storms of Kandari Map Packs! 

Included with the SoK Vol. 1 complete adventure

The Jameson Scott Collection

Jameson Scott's Mega Pack!

Four amazing high resolution map packs that are perfect for any homebrew adventure!

Take your campaign to the Air, Seas, Cities or GRAVE! mwuahahahahahah!


Airships and More Map Pack #1

City Buildings Map Pack #1

Creepy Locations Map Pack

Islands, Beaches & Ports

Airships and More Map Pack #1

Great assets to take your party into the mechanical age of fantasy!

Each vessel comes with a complete HD battlemap to drop your party on. Defend, seize, explore, navigate and travel through each exciting ship.


Nautical Map Pack #1 (tokens included)

Featuring a ship to ship battle map, ghost ship, steampunk submarine, orc raiding vessel and a sailing ship! Each map includes a detailed deck view and interior view with galleys, brigs, crow's-nests and much much more! 

Mountain Tomb Map Pack

Epic mountain adventure!

Starting in a cave featuring a river, broken bridges and battle ready areas or room for traps! Then continue to a deep valley map with a narrow bridge perfect for ambushing!

Epic Cities

22 Detailed cities, towns, ports, fortresses and keeps to expand your campaign! Use as a game reference or a battle map! 

City Buildings Map Pack #1

Immerse yourself inside the cities of your campaign with these 16 HI-RES universal city building battle maps! 

Ultimate Ships and Airships Pack!

Take your campaign to the SEA and SKIES with this incredible HD map pack that is perfect for ship exploration, ship to ship combat encounters, traveling roleplay, world exploration, treasure finding and so much more!!

Each ship comes with a complete detailed battlemap and individual token!


Creepy Locations Map Pack


14 unique haunted locations to add depth to your GHASTLY campaigns!

Do you dare explore the depths of the dead?

Temples and Towers Map Pack #1

Immerse your campaign in the Arcane Arts of Evil, Good or Neutral! Delve into the divine powers of the gods or explore the humble dwellings of religion. Abandoned windmill? Covered! Lighthouse? You got it!

No matter the alignment this pack has you covered with HIGH DEF full scale DETAILED BATTLEMAPS perfect for any encounter!


Castles & Keeps Map Pack #1

Delve into the hierarchy of your campaign with this brilliant HD map pack of Castles and Keeps! Each map is detailed and features lots of room for royal guests, royal events, royal balls, royal dinners, assassination attempts and even royal detainment! OFF WITH THIER HEADS!


Islands, Beaches & Ports

Take your story to the water's edge with this incredible high-res map pack!

Featuring: Ghost Ship, Island to Island Battle map, Shipyard, City Port, Beach Landing Warzone, Naval Academy with Crew Quarters and Training Ring, Tropical Island Beach with Cliffs to Climb Battle map, Pirate Hideout and two unique MULTI LEVEL Ship Maps!

25 Battlemaps & 3 Ship Tokens!!

Creepy Locations Map Pack

Featuring a haunted 80x60 ship to ship battle map, Haunted Galleon with droppable token, HAUNTED DESTROYER, HAUNTED AIR SHIP, Ghost Air Destroyer, Haunted Ship Wreck 40x30 Battle Map! Each map includes a detailed deck view and interior view with galleys, brigs, crow's-nests and much much more!



Daegeroth Islands Complete Setting!

A complete regional setting located in a versatile enviroment! Take your party to the depths of a four level haunted cave or climb to the snowy peak of the treacherous mount daegeroth and raid his tomb!

Features two complete towns that you can explore with interior maps for all notable locations!